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Treatment of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

By means of treatment of tissue renovation, blood which is taken from a patient after being applied to centrifugal transaction, in a private tube the patient’s plasma can be decomposed afterwards according to the patient’s skin by means of different methods it can be injected.

What are usage fields of PRP treatment for the purpose of cosmetic?

  • Thin wrinkles.
  • Acne scars.
  • Loss of flexibility.
  • Hair shedding.

They are premier a most common application fields.

When does efficiency of PRP start?

  • In region efficiency which are made, it starts after 3-4 weeks.

Who can make to treatment of PRP?

  • It can be applied by only doctors.

How can séances of PRP treatment be planned?

  • 3-5 séances cures can be applied according to person’s skin condition which is evaluated by your doctor. Séances can be applied with periodically
  • 3-4 weeks also with extendible periodically.

What is an effect duration of PRP application?

  • It is waited that cure application’s effect continues until 12-18 months.

Can PRP application be made to everybody?

  • At patients whose insufficient platelet number.
  • At cancer patients.
  • At Pregnancy.
  • This application can’t be made.

Are there any side effect of PRP application?

  • Even if it is seldom, in application region may be bruise.

Afterwards PRP application which situations must we pay attention?

  • First 24 hours from hot water must be avoided and make-up is not suggested.

!!! Accordingly regulation application of PRP must be made by a doctor under clinical conditions.