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Treatment of Blemish

Blemishes which occur on our body result from different factors.

Generally blemishes result from such as these reasons;

  • Natal
  • Harm of sun
  • Old age
  • Pregnancy
  • Afterwards acne etc. skin infections
  • Usage of wrong cosmetic product and its applications
  • Others

Choices of treatment which are used at blemish treatment:

Plasma energy systems.

  • Peelings: Herbal peeling, chemical peeling, fruit acidic peeling, carbon peel, eye peel etc.
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Nd-OLEIC laser
  • Fractional laser
  • IPL
  • Creams which are suggested for the purpose of supportive.

Duration of treatment of blemish:

  • Due to fact that at blemish treatment the applications are made as certain periods, duration of treatment may change according to person.
  • Especially as depend on old age blemishes can be cleaned even at 1-2 séances whereas blemish treatment which depends on pregnancy and usage of wrong product, it may last longer than that.

Success of treatment of blemish:

  • Depth of blemish affect to success at blemish treatment. May be no chance for cleaning of going far blemish or while we want to clean, unwanted scars may remain.

Afterwards treatment of blemish requirements must be paid attention:

  • At treatment of blemish afterwards all methods which are applied, we must protect against as best way, sun creams must be used according to suitable structure of skin. Hot water must be avoided in a few days. You must go to doctor’s control regularly.

!!!Accordingly regulation application of treatment of blemish must be made by a doctor under clinical condition.