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Loss of flexibility as depend on decreasing collagen in the skin and loose due to gravity, they are factors which explicit to our lines on our faces.

Which regions can we make?

  • Nasolabial region (side of mouth smiling contour).
  • To high part of cheek region and to cheek region.
  • Around of eyes crowfoot lines.
  • Inter eye brows frown lines.
  • Lines on mouth.
  • Filling to mouth.
  • Acne scars.

What is an effect duration of filling application?

  • According to filling type which are applied, in changing durations generally 6 months and 2 years efficiency can be provided.

How is an application procedure?

  • An application must be made inflamed and clean skin.
  • In the course of application for the purpose of decreasing to pain sense, the local anesthetic cream and the cold application can be made.
  • According to application region, it may continue between 5 and 30 minutes.

Is there any side effect of filling application?

  • May be dotted bruises at application place.
  • Temporal edema may occur as depends on transaction.
  • Filling substance which are applied, it can become as nodule and as capsules.
  • Even if it is seldom, may be probability of allergy and anaflaxi.

!!! Accordingly regulation application of filling must be made by a doctor under clinical conditions.