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Medical Skin Treatment

It is a heap program which targets to more natural appearance of skin.

It can be applied not only on intense comedo skins, on problematic skins with acne, on neglected skins but also for the purpose of protection it can be planned on unproblematic skins.

According to condition of skin varied programs must be determined:

Application of classical treatment is applied as 1-2 months break and it is a special skin therapy which targets to cleaning, renovation, support of multivitamin and moisturizing. If required, passing can be made to other programs. For the purpose of supportive Mezotherapy and Radiofrequency can be added.

It is programmed in order to balance for getting greasy with Balance Program, to decrease extreme brightness for obtaining a matte appearance and to renew. If acne problem is intense, treatment of Plasma Energy and peeling can be added.

Treatment of Moisturizing is a resolution which is presented for moistureless, matte and weak skins. For the purpose of supportive Radiofrequency and Mezothrerapy.

For unelasticity and weak skins, a treatment of skin renovation which is renewing, myolifting and intense moisturizing, can be planned. If required, it can be combined with Mezotherapy, Treatment of Plasma Energy, V lift & Thread lift and Radiofrequency.

!!! Accordingly regulation application of Medical Skin Treatment must be made by a doctor under clinical conditions.