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Hair Mezotherapy

Afterwards examination of haired dermis and necessary analyses, it is a method that appropriately selected medicines are injected to inside of haired dermis by means of regional special syringes and by means of special techniques. Purpose of hair mezotherapy is to decrease hair shedding and the purpose is to provide more bulky for fine hair.

The treatment can be applied for both women and men.

Application fields of Hair Mezotherapy:

  • Male type hair shedding
  • Female type hair shedding
  • Local spot baldness

How many times is séance of Hair Mezotherapy applied?

  • With specific periods at hair mezotherapy which is applied to haired dermis, even if 10 séances are planned, this séance may change according to patient.

What is an application duration of Hair Mezotherapy and what is frequency of hair mezotherapy?

  • The application last nearly 5-15 minutes.
  • The séances can be made as weekly, as fifteen days and as monthly periods.

Afterwards the application which situations must we pay attention?

  • On application day from taking shower must be avoided.
  • On application day being at dusty land must be avoided.
  • With determined séances if efficiency can be enabled at treatment of hair shedding, protection séances can be suggested as 3-4 periods.

Are there any side effects of Hair Mezotherapy?

  • May be dotted bruises at application places.
  • Even if it is seldom, may be probability of allergy and anaflaxi.

!!! Accordingly regulation application of hair mezotherapy must be made by a doctor under clinical conditions.