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Transplantation of Hair

Vip Estetik / Transplantation of Hair
About hair shedding which becomes an affecting problem for both women and men not only about treatment of shedding but also about transplantation of hair improvements continue quickly. At transplantation of hair there are 2 techniques which are known as FUE and FUT. FUE technique, it is a transaction that alive hair roots are taken from nape as donor region, one by one they are transferred to hairless region of head. In case of need bristle roots are taken from also other regions of body such as back-breast-arm. At FUE technique which is known as non-surgically technique, scalpel is not used in area where hair is taken, there is no suture. At also transplantation of beard, moustache and at eye lash FUE technique can be applied.
At Transplantation of Hair FUE Transaction’s Stages:
*A patient whose shortened hair, that region whose roots will be taken, it is numbed by local anesthesia. By means of very thin grafts which are 0.6-0.8 mm in diameter, they are removed one by one.
*The application is realized by a doctor.
*Number of graft which can be taken from one séance, it may change according to patient.
*According to size of region which will be applied, 1-8 hourly duration is necessary.
*Afterwards the application according to your doctor’s plan, the doctor can make open or closed bandage.
*Afterwards the application a patient whose control is made, in normal conditions the patient can go to home on the same day.
By means of FUE Technique planning afterwards transplantation of hair:
*It is very important that afterwards the application in 4-5 weeks to protect from trauma to patient’s hair which is transplanted. This region which is transplanted, it shouldn’t be hit to anywhere, it is not suggested that touching to this region even by hand. Nevertheless, in this term wearing narrow hat or cap is never suggested.
*From transplantation application afterwards 2-4 days according to doctor’s suggestion washing transaction is started. It is waited that healing of scabbing in transplantation region afterwards estimated 1-2 weeks.
*A part of hair which are transplanted, hair sheds at the end of 2-5 weeks. From transplantation transaction afterwards 2-3 months hair starts to sprout and grow.
*Completing of adaptation process may be 6 months or 1 year for transplanted hair.
*Afterwards the application in first 4-6 weeks traumas such as hitting and scratching, infections which will emerge result from not being used to medicines which are suggested, they lead to loss of hair which are transplanted to that region.
*Afterwards the application on region of forehead and in eyes may be temporal edema. Treatment will be planned by your doctor. From transplantation of hair application afterwards 6 weeks according to your doctor’s suggestion mezotherapy and treatment of PRP can be planned. FUT Technique, nowadays at this technique where is not applied generally, as appropriate cuttings area is cut from area of donor and the grafts in that piece by being decomposed and also transplantation is made. The place which is taken, it is sewed. This technique which has probability of scar, nowadays it is not preferred very much.
!!!Accordingly regulation transplantation of hair transactions must be made by a doctor at departments where include in surgical units.
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