2004 yılından bu yana medikal kozmetik alanında hizmet veriyoruz. Saç ekimi, lazer epilasyon, zayıflama, bölgesel incelme ve selülit tedavisi, lipoliz, mezoterapi, Akupunktur, Nöralterapi, migren-ağrı ve alerji tedavisi, kırışıklık tedavisi ( botox – dolgu – endopeel ), sivilce ve leke tedavisi(dermaterapi, PRP, peeling, dermabrazyon), sigara bırakma tedavisi, saç dökülmesi tedavisi, varis ve kılcal damar tedavisi(lazer-skleroterapi), kalıcı makyaj, medikal cilt bakımı ve diğer medikal kozmetik konularıyla ilgili çalışıyoruz. 2009 yılından buyana Manisa ve İzmir başta olmak üzere Ege bölgesine hizmet veriyoruz.



Vip Estetik / Electrotherapy
*Afterwards busy business tempo and social life, as a result of being far a way to sport and exercise, our structure of muscle is weakening more. Especially working striated muscles as volitional, they are responsible from stance of body and contours.
*By electrical warnings with stimulation of muscle which made, in abdominal, hip and leg tonus of muscle is increased. Ratio of muscle/oleic is tried to enhance.
*Especially while losing weight, it is a treatment method which helps in order to can prevent to problem of loose. At treatment of persons who want a tighter contour.
*According to general situation of patient, pads are tied to regions where are required, the application is made.
*Duration of séance is between 30 and 60 minutes.
*By being prepared programs as weekly 2-3 séances, these applications can be planned.
*Process of treatment can change according to general situations of patient.
*At persons whose heart battery and at persons whose etc. problems, at persons whose active infection in application area, the application may be harmful.
!!!Accordingly regulation application of electrotherapy must be made by a doctor under clinical conditions.
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