2004 yılından bu yana medikal kozmetik alanında hizmet veriyoruz. Saç ekimi, lazer epilasyon, zayıflama, bölgesel incelme ve selülit tedavisi, lipoliz, mezoterapi, Akupunktur, Nöralterapi, migren-ağrı ve alerji tedavisi, kırışıklık tedavisi ( botox – dolgu – endopeel ), sivilce ve leke tedavisi(dermaterapi, PRP, peeling, dermabrazyon), sigara bırakma tedavisi, saç dökülmesi tedavisi, varis ve kılcal damar tedavisi(lazer-skleroterapi), kalıcı makyaj, medikal cilt bakımı ve diğer medikal kozmetik konularıyla ilgili çalışıyoruz. 2009 yılından buyana Manisa ve İzmir başta olmak üzere Ege bölgesine hizmet veriyoruz.



Vip Estetik / Cavitation
It is a method which carves to oleic by means of voice waves and it is helpful for decreasing of excess oleic cells.
In problematic region the application is made from surface of skin. Afterwards the application, vacuum and massage which are applied, it provides for removing of waste oleic from body. In this term discipline of low fatty nutrition and application of exercise are suggested.
*How is Cavitation applied?
A region which will be applied, it is determined beforehand. With 45 minutes séance a device is applied to the region. In a week 1 séance or 2 séances are repeated.
*How many times is a séance applied?
Average 8-10 séance programs are suggested but according to requirement and expectations of person, this number may change.
*Which regions can we make?
On our bodies for areas which are within need (arms, legs, knees, abdominal, hip and hipline) they can be applied.
*Can very fat persons benefit from to this method?
Due to fact that it is a method which can be applied for regional slimming, before all else very fat persons must reach to ideal weight by means of treatment which is planned by a doctor and by means of a nutrition programs afterwards it can be used for the purpose of decreasing to remaining regional getting fat.
*Can application of Cavitation be made to only women?
No, it can be used also in men’s problematic regions.
*Beforehand application of Cavitation which situations must we pay attention?
Beforehand application plan, definitely doctor control and necessary control of blood analysis are suggested.
Treatment of Cavitation must be made definitely by a doctor control.
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